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Creative Expressions: The Next Steps – a six week, arts-based therapy workshop for women of colour



May 19, 2022, Ottawa, ON – Creative Expressions: The Next Steps launches on June 4, 2022 as a response to a pandemic that has largely impacted Black women and women-of-colour, as mothers, caregivers and working professionals. Developed by the Canadian Women of Colour Leadership Network, this workshop incorporates culturally appropriate, trauma-informed mental health services that are lacking within the current system today. Creative Expressions: The Next Steps takes its inspiration from their ancestors’ heritage and roots, helping others in their healing process and gaining strength through mindfulness and different art forms.

This workshop will be facilitated by Emma Lui, Holistic Health Director & Holistic health practitioner, Jacklyn St. Laurent, Wellness Director & Registered Psychotherapist and Kahmaria Pingue, Cultural Activist & Founder of Onyxstasia African Diaspora Productions.


“I think inclusive, trauma-informed mental health care services means incorporating one aspect of the social determinants of health often overlooked, which is race.” – Kahmaria Pingue

“We need to facilitate and provide a space for Black women, where they feel safe to share and care for one another, in the hopes of creating a long-term community that will improve Black women’s mental health.” – Jacklyn St. Laurent

“The COVID-19 pandemic put a spotlight and exacerbated racism, gender-based violence, discrimination and more. Our program uses art and creativity to support participants during these times.” – Emma Lui

Program Dates: June 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th & July, 9th and 16th 

Time: 4pm to 5h30pm

Where: In-person at the ACB Wellness Resource Centre, 1021 Cyrville Rd Unit #9


Contact: Sophia Jacob, 613-282-2922 or

ABOUT CWCLN: Founded on the pillars of Women in Leadership, Wellness, Economic Development and Community Partnerships, the CWCLN operates through the lens of an intersectional feminist and post colonialist framework in our objectives, providing the necessary skills, tools, and connections to mitigate systemic barriers.