Davene Sterling-Wisdom

Davene Sterling-Wisdom

Financial Director

Davene Sterling-Wisdom is a dedicated and detail-oriented accounting and tax specialist. With over 10 years experience, she has been meeting the accounting and taxation needs of corporations and individuals. Davene currently owns and operates SWF Solutions Inc., an accounting and taxation firm, where she not only prepares taxes but educates business owners and individuals, helping them to obtain all their financial solutions.


After completing her degree in Business Administration with a major in Finance degree from the University of Guelph, Davene is currently pursuing her CPA.


Davene has worked for Fortune 500 companies in various financial, accounting, insurance, investments, and office management positions, Davene knew it was time to make her exit and open her own firm. Her vision is to help others gain financial knowledge, so their Sterling works for them. She loves helping and serving others. She volunteers as a Finance Manager for a local charity, Shelter Movers Ottawa and through a collaborated program with CRA and Revenu Quebec, helping modest income individuals file their income tax for free.


Davene has joined the Canadian Women of Colour Leadership Network as our Finance Director and has delivered financial workshops and seminars on behalf of the Network. She will be leading workshops and seminars on topics like taxation and financial literacy for small businesses and entrepreneurs, insurance, investments, wealth creation for both small business and individuals. In her little spare time, Davene loves to sing, cook and bake. She recently found a new hobby of learning to play the guitar.


Coming up in the Fall, Davene will be leading these workshops covering topics such as:

  • Financial literacy
  • Business & student loans
  • Budgeting for small business & individuals
  • Credit & debt
  • Pension & saving for seniors
  • And much more!