Jennice Hinds

Marketing Language Director

Jennice Hinds is a current Linguistics Ph.D. student at Carleton University. She holds a Bachelor of Cognitive Science specializing in Linguistics from Carleton University and a Masters of Linguistics from York University. Her research has covered American Sign Language research and has most recently focuses on the relationship between sound and feature perception and its impact on marketing and advertising.

Outside of her research, Jennice is the cofounder of the Umoja Black Community Engagement Program out of Carleton University, which is dedicated to the academic, professional, and personal empowerment of the Ottawa regions’ African, Caribbean, and Black (ACB) communities. During her time as Events Lead, she focused on creating and executing events that catered to ACB students and community members.

Jennice has also spent the past several years working with post-secondary students in different capacities at both Carleton University and Algonquin College and is committed to the success and overall well-being of students in the post-secondary system. She has done both one-on-one and small group mentorship focusing on academic success. She also prioritizes sharing her personal experience in academia to help current and future students better navigate their way.