Peer Support Group

The Peer Support Group is for anyone identifying as part of the African Caribbean Black (ACB) community living with mental health challenges and looking for support from a group of empathetic peers.


While we are self-isolating and social distancing, CWCLN will be offering Virtual Peer Support Groups so we can support one another. These groups are hosted through the Zoom platform phone and/or video group chat and will include at least one facilitator and other participating peers.

group of ethnically diverse women

How To Participate


Virtual ACB Peer Support is hosted on Wednesdays.


You will receive an email with the group chat login information by 11AM the day of the call.


NOTE: If you are signing up on the day of the group you wish to attend, please sign up before 11am. Registration is not monitored between 11am and 1pm and when a support group begins (1pm).