Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles is one of the ways the CWCLN solidifies its practices. We are committed to fostering a safe and welcome space for all and we recognize that everything we do will be and should be measured against the highest possible ethical standard.


We invite you to take a moment to read our guiding principles.

two black women in meeting

Our Guiding Principles

Women Led

The Network is entirely led by a team of racialized women and femmes


Good Stewardship

We will foster an environment of respect and accountability.


Cultural Competency

We are committed to the highest standards of respect for all languages, culturals, and religions and will actively work to remain culturally sensitive and conscious.


Anti-Racist & Anti-Oppressive framework

We strive in both our perspectives and practices, to challenge racism, sexism, homophobia, and oppression in all its forms.



We believe in a knowledgeable and empowered sisterhood.


View our Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Statement.