Community Engagement

Throughout March, Canadian Women of Colour Leadership Network (CWCLN) has been actively engaged in various events and community initiatives. These activities have been instrumental in fostering connections with community members and participating in collaborative events aimed at enriching the local community.

One of the notable highlights of this month was the Black Mental Health Week Expo, which provided a platform for organizations to showcase their services and initiatives. During this event, Chandra Pasma, the Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) for Ottawa West-Nepean, made a surprise appearance to meet and greet with community members. It was a pleasure to have MPP Pasma present, offering welcoming remarks and acknowledging the valuable contributions of the agencies participating in the expo.

During her visit, MPP Pasma took the time to tour the booths, including the one hosted by CWCLN. Here, our founder, Sophia Jacob, had the privilege of engaging in a brief conversation with MPP Pasma. During this interaction, Sophia had the opportunity to provide insights into the impactful work that CWCLN is undertaking within the community, particularly in serving Black, Indigenous, and Women of Colour (BIWOC) and BIPOC Femmes.

The exchange allowed for a meaningful dialogue surrounding the challenges and opportunities faced by marginalized communities, as well as the importance of continued support and advocacy. Overall, the event served as a significant platform for networking, collaboration, and raising awareness about mental health issues within the Black community. CWCLN remains committed to driving positive change and empowerment for all individuals, and we look forward to continuing our efforts in building a more inclusive and supportive society.