Program Hightlights (March 2024)

Last month (march 2024) marked the exciting launch of our new monthly program. CWCLN’s BIWOC Drop-In emerged as a beacon, providing a safe space where Black and racialized women and femmes could converge. Together, participants ignited a powerful flame, sharing their narratives and setting the stage for our exclusive monthly drop-in series tailored for BIWOC, femmes, and newcomer women.

During the session, participants embarked on a heartfelt journey, crafting appreciation cards for the influential Women/Femmes in their lives. Through the expressive medium of arts, they found an outlet for their creativity and emotions. Engaging in round table discussions, participants shared profound self-reflection, fostering meaningful connections within our nurturing environment.

From heartfelt expressions to the exploration of female poets’ works, participants immersed themselves in enriching activities. The ambiance was further elevated by the soothing melodies, creating an atmosphere of warmth and camaraderie. This immersive experience paid homage to Women’s History Month, celebrating the resilience and achievements of women throughout history.